Our Mission

ZUMI creates products for everyday adventure seeking dogs. Finding inspiration on the mountain trails and sandy beaches, we craft products for nature loving dogs and their owners. Whether your adventure is on a mountaintop or in the concrete jungle, ZUMI offers dependable quality while seamlessly working between canine and human.

– Team ZUMI

Our Story

ZUMI was the result of my circumstances drastically changing without warning. A health diagnosis put an end to the years I spent cultivating my career. I found myself looking for a new purpose and all I really knew was, it had to involve dogs. Somewhere along the way I made it a goal of mine to solve a problem I had experienced for years… the constant hassle of switching from one leash to another at agility trials. For years I’ve trained and competed in dog sports, mainly agility and never found an answer to my problems. Finally, I sought to solve my own problem. I began working with textiles to create a functional lead that could solve my problem. I eventually crafted what is now called the “Dual Lead Sport”. Soon I began receiving order requests which quickly started taking up all of my time. This is when I switched my attention to crafting the best possible leashes and this is where ZUMI took root.

Soon I was running a steady little homegrown business out of my humble garage and calling on my family to help when things became too hectic for one person. Eventually, I reached a pace that I could no longer produce on my own and I switched gears once again to push ZUMI even farther and took the plunge into manufacturing. We take pride in the quality and integrity of our products and as such, all of ZUMI’s products are held to strict quality control standards during the manufacturing process.

I myself am the proud owner of three working dogs who I share my every adventure with. We strive to provide only quality products to spark wanderlust and provide functionality for even the most serious of adventurers.

Made for adventurers, by adventurers.


– CEO & Founder, Sasha

Never Roam Alone || Walk. Run. ZUMI.

Get involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with your ZUMI dogs! Start by sharing your experiences with us on social media and help us inspire others find their next adventure as well as a chance to have your photo featured. Hiking in the backcountry, relaxing on the beach, or even just enjoying a quiet cup of coffee at your local cafe…

Never Roam Alone.